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'Life Outside the Box' Podcast Series

Produced by A Modern Portrait Media

Honest conversations about mental health.

View it here.

"Change needs to happen in our heads before it can happen anywhere else. The first step is simply believing, truly believing, that change is possible."

— Asante Haughton


Launched: November, 2021

The project was initially produced and developed with a grant from Cameco Ontario, in concert with the team of KBI Inspire Magazine.  'Life Outside the Box' is a youth mental health multi-cast that takes a deeper dive into the issues that affect youth – from a youth perspective. The series is hosted by mental health advocates Asante Haughton and Abby Kernya, and consists of a series of interviews with young people from all walks of life: from students and athletes, to artists and activists. Episodes are launched monthly on the KBI Inspire Magazine website, YouTube, Spotify and host of other audio platforms.

Executive Producer: A Modern Portrait Media

Video production and design: Twentytwenty Arts


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